PURLoc Composite Seawalls

PURLoc™ Composite Seawalls are light-weight, high-strength, extremely durable, and easy to drive. PURLoc is a product of Gulf Synthetics LLC. There is no need to consider steel, vinyl or concrete alternatives when you want the best solution for your project.


PURLoc™ Composite Seawall

Aqua-Barrier / WIPP Systems

Water management and control is a significant problem (1) during construction and (2) during flooding events. Hydrological Solutions, Inc. in the manufacturer of these innovative products that solve water retention problems in a cost-effective, innovative manner. This system is manufactured by Hydrological Solutions, Inc.


Aqua-Barrier® - Inflatable Cofferdams

WIPP® - Water Inflated Property Protector

Pearson Composite Pilings

Pearson Composite Pilings are today’s preferred building material for waterfront foundations, docks, piers and bridges. Pearson composite pilings are stronger than wood, steel or concrete pilings, and because they will not rust, rot or crumble, they will last virtually forever. Containing no chemical preservatives that leach into the water, Pearson sustainable fiberglass composite pilings are environmentally friendly and are the choice of “green” developers of clean marinas and waterfront properties.


Pearson Pilings


Insta-Tank™ containers are made from a heavy-duty, reinforced vinyl for containment of water. They are available in many sizes and can be used moving water via truck or for ground level installation. They are compact and lightweight allowing for easy storage, moving, and deployment. This system is manufactured by Hydrological Solutions, Inc.


Insta-Tank™ - Temporary Water-Storage System


Spil-Stop™ prevents spills from contaminants. They are available in several heights and lengths to meet many needs. This system is manufactured by Hydrological Solutions, Inc.




Petrobras Terminal Solimoes - Brazil


Stabilization of the Amazon River embankment was required to protect a multi-million dollar asset of Petrobras. River-water elevation fluctuates 20 meters between wet and dry seasons. Design guidance using concrete filled Presto Geoweb® was provided by Daniel Senf.

Photo on the left shows site under construction.

Photo on the right shows site after 10 years in use.

Ayalon Channel - Tel Avi, Israel


Concrete filled Presto Geoweb® cellular confinement was used to cover failing gabions and provide hydraulically efficient flow for this important channel. Design recommendations were provided by Daniel Senf as well as construction training and supervision.

Photo on the left shows Daniel Senf overseeing the initial construction.

Photo on the right shows the first of many phases now completed.

WIPP Flood Protection Training - AES Panama

January 2012

The WIPP water inflated dam is an excellent temporary and reusable flood control system. Daniel Senf trained personnel at this hydro-electric power plant so they are prepared the next time than flooding occurs due to high river water levels.

Photo on the left shows WIPP structure under roof of outside training area.

Photo on the right shows water fill hose attached to the WIPP structure during inflation.

Zarumilla River Stabilization - Tumbes, Peru

October 2009

The Zarumilla River separates Ecuador and Peru. The Peruvian side had severe erosion and was stabilized with a flexible concrete slab which was produced by filling the Geoweb cellular confinement system with concrete. Engineering assistance was provided through Andex del Norte S.A. of Peru and general support by Daniel Senf.

Photo on the left shows the system before filling with concrete.

Photo on the right shows a completed section of the stabilized embankment.

Gold Mine, Honduras


Stabilization of mine tailing pile downslope channels is easily done with a grouted aggregate and Presto’s Geoweb® cellular confinement system over a geomembrane. Design and construction details were provided by Daniel Senf.

Photo on the left shows the severe erosion problem.

Photo on the right shows the solution under construction.

Porto Primavera Dam - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Surface stabilization using 11 km of concrete filled Presto Geoweb® was required during the construction process of the Porto Primavera Dam. Water level remained at the protected elevation for two years during the completion of the hydro-electric plant.

Photo on the left shows Daniel Senf reviewing construction methods with project engineer.

Photo on the right shows details of construction.

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